An effective Website is a good beginning, but by itself can accomplish little. Building an audience for your Website requires cultivation of the search engine environment and creating other online incentives to encourage people to find you.  The idea of “build it and they will come” is not going to happen.

Our approach is to minimize cost and maximize performance on a fully developed Internet marketing effort by using cloud-based services.  Why have the expense and headache of extensive internal IT operations when you don’t really need them?  Web hosting, content management, email servers, client databases and data backup should all be located in the cloud.  Everything you need can be accessible with a simple web browser. Even better than the cost-savings is the empowerment of your workforce to operate anywhere they can get online with whatever device they have at hand.

Marketing through the Internet is hugely cost efficient because you can contact, inform, cultivate, transact, and provide customer service all within the unlimited boundaries of the Web.  You can provide your clients and customers the fast response and personalized service that will keep them loyal to your business.

We can help you find a formula that will deliver on the promise of the Internet.

• Website Design • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) •  CMS (Content Management System) Development • Open Source and Cloud Computing Solutions • Organizational & Collaborative Online Environments

R Strategic builds effective Websites for a wide variety of clients

R Strategic builds effective Websites for a wide variety of clients


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