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Viral Article Produces More Than 1000 Web Visits

Sticky article lands on major site for 24 hours

Yesterday, we discussed ways to build traffic to your Web site and one of the strategies mentioned was to write and post informative short articles.  These blog entries can work their way around the net and, if people find them interesting, stick around for a while and generate some bounce-back traffic and new viewers to your site.  If you get lucky, one of the large sites will pick it up and give you a free ride.

That’s what happened to us yesterday, when our review of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment, got featured on WordPress’s splash page.  To make a long story short, WordPress is the mothership for 395,767 avid bloggers, and that kind of exposure produces a lot of traffic.  We got pounded by 1,345 visitors in 24 hours, and that’s quite a bit for a simple little blog in day 5 of its existence.

While it is flattering (and lucky) to be featured from among the 377,255 blog entries posted yesterday, and to have a whole lot of traffic sent your way, the overall impact to my business will be negligible.  Why? I’m not a mass-merchandising proposition; I need to reach senior marketing people and business owners, mostly in Honolulu, who can make decisions about their own marketing strategies. My main strategy will be along the lines of a targeted direct marketing approach…so, if you start getting emails from R Strategic, you’ll know that we think you’re our kind of business professional.

But, it’s hard to resist using this example of one of our Web traffic building ideas working so dramatically, especially on a day we featured an article entitled, “I Built It And They Didn’t Come.”



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