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Kenner marketing utilizes social media and cloud solutions

Mass emails announce new website and social media "stickiness."

R Strategic created a new corporate site with mobile apps and a targeted email campaign.

Kenner recently re-launched its venerable www.kenner-cable.com website as a new, blog-oriented corporate site. The new strategy calls for offsetting conventional advertising and marketing costs with contemporary social media activities and SEO strategies.  More professionals spend time online and interact with networks like linkedin and groupsite for project collaboration.  Even popular online networks like Facebook and Twitter have found a place to move real-time technology news and product information.

“By the time a printed trade publication touches on a new project or product, it’s already old news.” says Larry Kenner, CEO of Kenner Wire & Cable, Inc.  “We are dealing with a whole new generation of engineers who grew up on the Internet, and get all their news and information online.”

“We like to use cloud-based software solutions that are market-sector killers.” says Kenner marketing consultant, Keith Rollman, of R Strategic. “Companies like Constant Contact, Groupsite, WordPress, Shopify, Google and Facebook own their categories; and they aren’t going anywhere.”

By building social media marketing programs, e-commerce functionality and SEO strategies based on dominant operations, you can count on longevity in addition to innovative features, 100% up time, security, and most importantly, low introductory costs.  The capabilities that are being given away as lost-leaders, used to cost tens of thousands or more only a few years ago.


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