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Technology company re-brands with heart

Corporate identity depends heavily on people’s built-in perceptions of established cultural symbols.  These symbols communicate without words, often without even conscious contemplation.  They can communicate instantly and evoke a certain predictable response.  This was the approach used to create a new identity for TLC, a company that humanizes and simplifies technology installations for its clients.  Many people are overwhelmed by by the complexity of operating new technology and are frustrated trying to get, often mismatched, components to work together (how many remote controls do you have?)  TLC, the Technology Lifestyle Company, needed an identity that could communicate solving this puzzle with a positive outcome.  Wouldn’t you like to love your technological environment instead of fight it? That means integrating all of your high-tech electronics into one easy to manage system.  That includes creating a user-friendly interface for your pad or smart phone that integrates your entertainment, security, lighting and environmental controls.


TLC logo designed by R Strategic in 2012

We started with established symbols for love and affection (an easy one…the heart), and married it to the de facto symbol for the contemporary power button.  This little symbol now adorns almost every modern electronic device and portrays: power, technology, command and contemporary.  We opted for green for several reasons, first, as recognition of the LEED recognized energy management aspects of the product, and secondly to lose the “medical” connotations of the red heart. Our finished solution now combines those attributes with the promise that you will love living with the technology solutions of TLC.  We suggested the slogan, “Technology you’ll love to live with.”

The goal of good brand graphics is to establish credibility and recognition for your company’s identity.  A symbol that is unique and easy to recall, but also one that intrinsically MEANS something to the viewer and communicates on many levels.  It must also have a simplicity that rejects faddish styles that will serve to date it and make it anachronistic before its time.  A visual truth striped down to its bare essence.


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Good Design Is Timeless

A good example of an investment in design excellence that has paid off over the years is the iconic logo for Kapalua, the resort on Maui. It represented the metamorphosis of Maui Land and Pineapple Company’s agricultural enterprise into a new resort development venture. The most amazing thing about it is that it looks like it was designed yesterday.  But, it is over 30 years old.

This a very good example of how design fundamentals, exacting process, client rapport and intrinsic talent can create something special, and by all accounts…timeless.

Looking at this bug (literally) brings back a lot of personal memories for me.  I was on the design team at Bruce Hopper Design back in the early 70’s when this was originally conceived. I remember the impassioned arguments over letter spacing, wing shapes and color options. Try matching a specific vintage of Cabernet to a PMS color spec…it’s not easy.  Mostly I remember the professionalism of that shop and its creative driver, Bruce Hopper.  I consider that time in my life to be my apprenticeship and where I formed by core values on design that I have applied to every project since then.

When Web graphics first started they were the realm of code writers and developers; and had a very pedestrian look.  Graphics were along for the ride and corny animated giff’s were the pinnacle of “wow” factor.  Now, design is a driving force and the Website can be a truly visual and auditory experience.  The basic skills of well-trained professional designers, who were always in the visual communication business, are once again a critical component for connecting with your market on the Internet.  Here’s some of what a graphic design foundation brings to Web development:


Most site visitors can decide within a few seconds if your company is professional, knowledgeable and competent by how it looks.  This has been the selling point of corporate identity for a hundred years and it applies to the Internet just as in any other visual presentation.

Colors Set the Mood

Designers know how colors and more precisely color-combinations affect the subconscious.  In Hawaii, they also know how color choices affect your target market and cultural demographics. Let the professionals pick your theme.

It’s Called a GRAPHIC User Interface for a Reason

Getting people to understand how to interact with a computer screen is a science.  But, it is an old science that graphic designers have been wrestling with for years.  The visual and non-verbal cues that tell people what they should do, and how they should navigate are not new to Internet development, but simply a modern application of international symbols, sign systems and non-verbal instructions that graphics professionals have been solving for years.

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

And, although your Web crawler and search engines like words, people like images.  A beautiful photograph or a compelling infographic can hold the attention of the human brain faster and longer that all but the most profound words.

Make sure your Web designer has a thorough background in graphic design theory and target marketing, or he may have no idea what he is trying to accomplish for you.


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R Capabilities

We can help you acquire new clients and keep regular customers happy. In this time of tight budgets and increased competition, shouldn’t you be investigating more efficient ways of doing things?

R Strategic Communications is focused on cutting-edge, technology-driven communications solutions.  We can help you take advantage of the new efficiencies brought about by social media and sophisticated, Internet-based customer relationship management. There is a wide array of inexpensive, effective and measurable strategies that can run circles around conventional business-as-usual.

Traditional approaches to marketing, advertising and public relations are becoming obsolete…so, are big, over-priced, slow-moving agencies.  Our technology-dominated world is moving at the speed of light, and unless your marketing strategies are in alignment with the new paradigm you could be left in your competitor’s dust.

We can help you avoid that fate with an arsenal of good ideas and crisp execution. Here’s what we do:


• Website Design • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) •  CMS (Content Management System) Development • Open Source and Cloud Computing Solutions • Organizational & Collaborative Online Environments


• Logo Design • Corporate Identity Integration • Brand Management • Collateral


• Media Relations • Press Kits & Releases • Feature Stories and Article Placement • Podcasts • Social Media Networks • Viral Strategies


• Print and Broadcast Advertising Creative & Production • Infographics • Copy writing • Media Planning & Buying • Direct Mail

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