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Beyond Persuasion There Is Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment is his most detailed revelation to date about the art of marketing elevated to spiritual experience. Kawasaki was a lead evangelist with Apple during its break-out years and was one of the main spark plugs that fired up Apple’s legendary brand loyalty.

Kawasaki’s recounts the evolution of persuasion as it applies to his Apple experience. Guy really, really believed Apple was the best computer, and he made a lot of other people really, really believe it too. But, the power of harnessing Enchantment can be applied to any deeply held belief the reader has a burning desire to share.

Kawasaki refined his skills as a post-Apple venture capitalist, and founder of Alltop, the ubiquitous online content directory. His new book is his best because he’s still engaged and learning. And, in our brave new world of the internet, ten second attention spans and social media you either learn or retire.

In Enchantment, Kawasaki takes us into the inner algorithm of his methodology. This is a “how to” book for a subject that is viewed as almost mystical by many. It is not just a compelling read on how to apply good old fashioned enthusiasm and communication skills to create curiosity, buy-in, and loyalty (in that order) for your product or service. It goes well beyond the ordinary. Kawasaki shares his creative insights into how advocacy can transcend its normal boundaries and become an infectious, life-altering intervention.

Enchantment is a primer on how to make any good idea contagious.

Enchantment is the best, and most revealing, book yet by Guy Kawasaki. After a amazingly successful career where he has perfected the art of persuasion and motivation. It is generous of Kawaski to share some of the magical secrets of his unique abilities.



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