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Instant E-Commerce Solutions

I remember getting a quote from an established Web developer back in 1998 for a no-frills e-commerce site that could hold my client’s 2,000 or so SKU’s.  They wanted $150,000, not an unreasonable amount at the time.

That was then and this is now.

Among the many cloud-based Web operations that offer great software, low-cost hosting, snap-in applications and interfaces that set the standard for usability is a turn-key e-commerce offering called Shopify.  They follow the general formula set by WordPress and sector leaders of providing low cost or free entry level access and a host of a la carte upgrades.  You can be up and running a fully functional online store with 100 SKU’s, for $29 a month, 2,500 for $59, and an unbelievable “unlimited” for a mere $179 a month. Shopify offers a host of well-designed templates, an easy user experience and payment gateway options that are easy to set up.  They even incorporate SEO prompts for your listings and a clever blog format baked into the format. The quality of the Shopify product has led to meteoric growth for its user base.  I’ve added Shopify to my palette of cloud solutions that provide cost-efficient solutions for my clients.

Even quick executions on Web assets require decent corporate identity.  Kailua Camera specializes in the new high-end compact digital products so SLR's and shutter iris symbols wouldn't work.

Even quick executions on Web assets require appropriate and professional corporate identity work. Kailua Camera specializes in the new high-end compact digital products so old SLR and shutter iris symbols wouldn’t work.

A recent project that R Strategic put together is KailuaCamera.com  They needed a transactional environment for specific Ricoh and Pentax products and needed it quickly.  No, doubt they would have fainted if given the 1998 price.  We built a Shopify solution within a couple of days, registered and  linked their URL and started an SEO program to get them on the map.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 10.54.54 AM

R Strategic is currently developing a conventional advertising campaign for the visitor industry that has attracted attention from the Pentax/Ricoh factory and distributors.  The basics of good advertising don’t change regardless of the whether the delivery is via a printed tourist publication or a pop-up on your iPhone. You still need a strong headline, a viable concept, good product photography and a call to action. Our premise is that the average visitor arrives with outdated photographic equipment, or just realized their smart phone is not up to the task.  Kailua Camera can turn that potential regret into happy memories with the latest compact digital technology.

R Strategic designed a strong message to reach new visitors and even negotiated with a local courier service for same-day product delivery.

R Strategic designed a strong message to reach new visitors and even negotiated with a local courier service for same-day product delivery.


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R Capabilities

We can help you acquire new clients and keep regular customers happy. In this time of tight budgets and increased competition, shouldn’t you be investigating more efficient ways of doing things?

R Strategic Communications is focused on cutting-edge, technology-driven communications solutions.  We can help you take advantage of the new efficiencies brought about by social media and sophisticated, Internet-based customer relationship management. There is a wide array of inexpensive, effective and measurable strategies that can run circles around conventional business-as-usual.

Traditional approaches to marketing, advertising and public relations are becoming obsolete…so, are big, over-priced, slow-moving agencies.  Our technology-dominated world is moving at the speed of light, and unless your marketing strategies are in alignment with the new paradigm you could be left in your competitor’s dust.

We can help you avoid that fate with an arsenal of good ideas and crisp execution. Here’s what we do:


• Website Design • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) •  CMS (Content Management System) Development • Open Source and Cloud Computing Solutions • Organizational & Collaborative Online Environments


• Logo Design • Corporate Identity Integration • Brand Management • Collateral


• Media Relations • Press Kits & Releases • Feature Stories and Article Placement • Podcasts • Social Media Networks • Viral Strategies


• Print and Broadcast Advertising Creative & Production • Infographics • Copy writing • Media Planning & Buying • Direct Mail

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