Brand “essence”is everything that your logo evokes in a potential customer.

Brand building is an exercise in both logic and emotion.  It is your company’s face. You build a successful brand around a simple image that becomes the focal point of your identity.  You add thematic flourishes like color schemes, design and copy point “attitude.”  You then maintain visual consistency so that repeated exposure creates familiarity with your potential customers. Slogans, jingles and even signature tones can become attributes of and companions to your visual identity.  That is the logical part of the equation.

The psychological part is equally important and why professional advice is critical.  Without the diligent marketing analysis to know, with certainty,  who you’re aiming at, you will most certainly miss.  Additionally, your brand is organic, like any personality, and will attract the positives and negatives generated by your messages, product quality, customer relations and community involvement. Brand management is the care and feeding of your image and reputation.

If your are a new start-up, or an established business looking to update your image, we can help you fit into your new skin.

• Logo Design • Corporate Identity Integration • Brand Management • Collateral





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